PsychoEducational Assessments and Your Child
-- What Parents Need to Know --

Articles From Special Education Professionals


  Learning is a Legal Right: When Learning Needs to be Assessed...
By by Nan Waldman, Esq. and Karina Richland, M.A., E.T.


  Contemporary Learning Science Promises to Unlock your Child's Hidden Potential
by Dr. Russell Griffiths, Mission Viejo, CA and LearningRx


  Left Behind in Education-- Is your states education testing misleading you and your child? (Why Testing Standards Aren't Standard At All)
from LearningRx


  Top Reasons Why Cognitive Skills Testing is Every Parent's First Step to Understanding Learning Struggles
from LearningRx
  LD Assessments may be Deductible
by by Dr.James Lawrence Thomas, Director, The Brain Clinic, New York, NY
  How Learning Disabilities Asssessment and Diagnosis Can Help Your Child
by Dr. Richard Komm, , Llc. Psychologist (Arizona and California)